24 June 2015


20.01.2015: GHITA thanks everyone who believed in his life force. With your help he can still enjoy a Sunday walk and he can enjoy a harmonious old age. He recovered very well after his treatment for Sticker sarcoma and he is as active as a puppy that is just discovering the world.
GHITA is still looking for a forever family. He is really not demanding, is pleased with every bit of attention you give him and enjoys walks very much.
For those who do not know, GHITA has his own facebook page where you can follow his most enjoyable activities.

November 2014: GHITA – when life is not fair at all
After everzthing our old friend had to go through, life decided to test him one more time! Yesterday, the vet said he is suffering from a tumor in the genital area. The diagnosis of STICKER SARCOM made us all burst into tears. GHITA needs treatment with  Vincristin as well as much strength and the desire to live.
The treatment costs 120 Euro. Please help us cover these costs, if you have the means to do so!
You can donate in LEI or EURO mentioning “FOR GHITA”.
LEI: RO41RZBR0000060007805439
EURO: RO80RZBR0000060011013497
We will keep you posted regarding the evolution of Ghita! Thank you. The Animal Life Team.

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