10 March 2014


Our labrador, Fulg, is aproximately three years old and was found in december 2013 roaming the streets of Sibiu. He had a wound above his eye, which was immediately treated – now we hope everything will turn out fine for him. He was adopted, but was brought back afer only one month because of personal problems. He has the normal size of a Labrador and loves everything that moves around him. He is a devoted friend to all dogs, especially to females, and as devoted to humans, who could consider him as part of their families. He loves running, is very active and playfull, but being in an encloser at the Moment makes him feel miserable. He is very affected by his condition and is extremly happy when he has the Chance to go out and run. He is waiting for the owner he can have for the rest of his life.

If you can help him, please contact 0721.157104

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