23 January 2014


FRODO  has been adopted!

Although we didn’t expect him to find a home so soon, we are happy that miracles do happen. The doctor that treated Frodo feel in love with him and decided to take him into his family and give him the life that he deserves…now he has his own family and is being loved.

We thank all those that donated for Frodo and the Vetcon Clinic, that treated him. Thank you dr. Şerban.

This is Frodo . A dog that used to live on the streets, near the buildings , like many other of his kind. The street was his home and he thought he knew everything about it , that´s why he allowed himself a moment of abstraction. He had the bad luck to meet a absent-minded driver who hit him with his car . Luckily , he´s life is out of danger , but the fracture needed urgent surgery . Frodo needs now time for recovery. His leg is now fixed with clamps for the next 6 months and he needs help : a safe place and someone to tend for him properly so he can forget the physical pains and the ones in his soul , and become active and confident again. We are sure that Frodo the ideal companion is : he is docile ,obedient an very friendly . Even more , he walks in a leash.

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