26 April 2015


Date of birth: 29.01.2014

Size: Medium

Gender: masculine;

Bob was found in October 2014 at the margin of a high-traffic road. He was howling and crying because he was hit by a car. Therefore he was taken and cared for by the organization Animal Life. His foot was not operated because undergoing this operation would have implied very high risks. Due to this he remained with a certain disability on his right forepaw. He goes easy on it a lot of times. He needs recovery. Vets say that swimming could do him well. Nevertheless, we can say a lot of good things about Bob. He is a dog for beginners, very lovable and steady. He walks nicely on the leash, house-trained and does not destroy anything in and around the house. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. His only problem are dogs he meets on the street. Due to his disability Bob feels insecure in these situations and reacts with barking and growling. For Bob we are looking for a forever home, where he can stay indoors.

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