10 March 2014


Benji is a 7 years old dachshund who was found in the yard of an outskirts auto service. He was in a deplorable state and, as emaciated as he was, his organism could not bear to assimilate the food he was given. The people who found him offered to cover the costs of his treatment and we engaged to give him back the life he had before he got abandoned. We say this because, after he was discharged, he was taken in foster by a family, where a single look of his gratitude could not be described in a thousand words. It was obvious that he is used to live in the house, he gets along very good with other dogs, he is very affectionate but the fear not to be abandoned again can be still seen in his eyes. The person who decides to adopt Benji will have the perfect companion: lovable and that specific dachshund look that you cannot resist. Tel.: 0721.157.104

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