BENJI – Adopted

14 April 2017

BENJI – Adopted

Date of birth: 14.05.2016

Gender: Male

Size:  Big

These photos represent a short description of the path of Benji’s life.
In the first picture you can see him as a little pup, climbing out of the ditch he was born in.
The next picture depicts Benji adapting to his new Animal Life family.

With 30 kg more and 6 months older, Benji is sad, awaiting his family, still in our care, in the last picture.
From this little life photo album an important part is missing: Benji and his family. He has been kept by a former family for six months, after which he was returned because of “personal reasons”. Do you think there’s any purpose in talking about these “personal reasons” which are the most common motivation for returning animals? There is no sense in discussing this. However, we will say one thing: returning to the shelter after having lived with a family is extremely painful for a dog. Just like we humans get depressed, the same happens to our furry friends. Unfortunately, the same happened to our Benji. After having known the joy of being accepted within a family, feeling estranged again, among other people, other faces and other dogs, Benji suffered greatly because he was separated from those he would think of as “his own”. There were days when he would not eat and cry continuously.
Slowly, slowly, the hero of today’s tale is overcoming the trauma he suffered. This is why now we are in search of a responsible family for Benji, to offer him the safety he is in such a great need of. A family who strongly shares our opinion that a dog is not an easily returnable object, but a soul, a being which forms relationships and attachments and suffers after separations from his dear ones. In short, Benji needs an owner who will offer him the status every dog deserves and wishes for: that of a family member. 

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