24 November 2014


24.11.14: Becky and Bibi found lovely homs. Poor Bea remains behind and is waiting to be adopted.

31.07.2014: Can you still remember them? BEA, BECKY and BIBI are now approximately 5-6 months old and are getting more and more beautiful. Each night they got to sleep hoping that the big day will soon be here where somebody will open the door to their enclosure and take them home. For details or adoption, please call: 0748 513143 or 0723 211551.

14.05.2014: Are Romanians really Christians? That I do not not, but they love going to church to listen to the sunday service or…to abandon three puppies in a box! As an alternative we would suggest NEUTERING THEIR OWN DOG! Unfortunately none of the people who were in church that day, cared about the small dogs, so we were the ones who had to take them over. The three beautiful girls are approximately 2 months old and love playing. When they are fully grown they will be middle sized. If you want to give BEA, BECKY and BIBI a loving home, please call : 0748.513.143.

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