6 November 2016


Date of birth: 19.05.2010
Gender: Male
Size: Medium – Big

All too often we find animals in deplorable states, states that transform their lives and condemn them to sufferings which are hard to imagine and often end up to be fatal. This is how we found ARMY, a 6 year old male.
Eaten alive by gigantic fleas, with woulds all over his body and a haematoma which was disfiguring him. And since people are how they are, nobody bothered to help him escape the misery he was experiencing. On the contrary, he was brutally chased away when he tried reaching for help. Thus, under the great physical pain he had to accept in his life, ARMY lost faith in everything and everyone. He does not get along with other dogs and – probably following encounters which turned out to be painful for him- he does not know how to live with children. Initially, we had been told that he cannot get along with adults either. However, after ONE DAY of being taken care of after his haematoma surgery, we got to know another ARMY, one that rapidly got very attached to our colleague who takes care of him. He learned that there are good people in this world whom he can trust.

ARMY is now recovering after the surgery and the flea wounds, which still cover his entire body. If you wish to help with the costs for the treatments he is receiving, you can do so through bank transfer in Animal Life’s account: IBAN: RO41RZBR0000060007805439 Or through Pay Pal: (More details:

Thank you!

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