30 April 2018


April is a former stray cat past the prime of her youth. We assume her to be around 10 years old. This is why she was taken over with several health issues. April is an independent cat, somewhat shy at the beginning, but we believe that she can become a peaceful and loving cat with just the right amount of patience. Due to the fact that she is on the rather independent side, life in a household with a garden would fit her best. A home where she can play freely on warm days and enjoy a peaceful time inside the house during the cold months.

If you wisth to adopt this cat please send us a private message on our Contact page https://animallife.ro/contact or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalLifeSibiu
Sex: Female
Friendly with other cats: NO
Friendly with other dogs: DON’T KNOW
Litter trained: YES

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