25 July 2014


Date of birth: 20.04.2014
Gender: female
Size: middle to big sized, 54-55 cm

Alda has a simple and very common story, she was abandoned on a field with her sisters when they we’re only a few weeks. Their luck was that somebody found them and called Animal Life to come and get them. The time passed and Alda is in the same place, still waiting for her human. She doesen’t know how to walk in a leash, doesn’t know very well people, only us, the volunteers and the other dogs near her.
Due to this fact Alda is very shy and retired.We think that a family with experience could teach her all the things she need. She would be perfect as a second dog . 

If you wish to adopt this dog please send us a message on our Contact page: or on our Facebook page:

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