4 November 2014


4.11.2014: Ahava has been adopted. We wish her all the best in her new home.

29.05.2014: The story of a mother
If you get to know this dog, you will have proof that peaple are not the only creatures that have feelings! Ahava is approximately

3 years old, middle to big sized. When she had her first litter, one of her pups died on the construction site they were living on, when she was out looking for food. A kind man brought the pup away so that Ahava would not have to find it. But when this loving m,om came back, she started looking for her baby until she foud it and buried it herself.

Meanwhile she had her second litter – 10 sweet pups. Unfrtunately only one baby girl survived, and Ahava loves her more than anything else. Ahava is a very friendly, sociable and intelligent dog. She deserves to find a family that can love and spoil her.

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