HARA – Reserved

19 January 2017

HARA – Reserved

Date of birth: 22.10.2015
Gender: Female
Size: Big

HARA is in our care ever since she was a small two-month old pup. She lived in the same enclosure with her sister until four months ago, when the latter received the chance at a wonderful life in Germany.

As happy as we were about her sister, we couldn’t notice the sadness in HARA, who now is 1,3 years old, and had started to be increasingly melancholic and quiet. The happiness she once displayed was not to be so easily read on her face anymore and her initial attachment to humans started to fade. Now she does not jump in our arms anymore when we enter her enclosure and our touches don’t seem to enhance her anymore. However, once the gates are opened and she is free, she turns into a ball of energy and fully enjoys, like any other dog, the freedom of running and playing around. This is so important for her. We desire for HARA a family who can offer her patience and understanding at the beginning, until this little sweetheart can learn how wonderful it can be to be surrounded by a family who loves and cherishes you.


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