4 May 2016


Date of birth: 10.03.2015

Gender: male

Size: 58 cm

I am ALPHA or Little Rocket, call me what you want, because every world brings me cheerfulness and fits me perfectly!
I am energetic, full of life, intelligent, I love human company, can bring a smile to anyone’s face in record time, I almost mastered the art of walking on a leash (sometimes emoticon wink ) and because at the age of 2 weeks after I was thrown away on the street I got the chance to a new beginning, now I am looking for my one and only family. And I know exactly what I wish for: a young, energetic family, which will offer me the space I need for all my games, which will love me and forgive me for all the little mischief I surely will make since I’m still young and so full of life! emoticon grin Contact: 0721.157.104

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