11 November 2016


Date of birth: 1.08.2015

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

A wonderful girl found wandering through the forest, starving and scared, is now in the care of the Animal Life team.
We are looking for a responsible family to offer her the home she so desperately desires. This beautiful soul is a medium sized dog which impresses you through her kind and obedient behaviour. Despite the fact that she probably newer knew the warmth of a family, she is very sociable, friendly with people as well as with other dogs and with cats.
We see her as the perfect dog for adoption, mainly because she can be very easily educated. For instance, she behaves very well during car rides.
Do you have some free space? Are you trying to brighten your home? Are you searching for a warm, loving soul? Come and meet her! Energy, joy, love and gratitude, these all are just a couple of the accessories this lovely girl brings along. If you want to adopt her, or help her with a temporary home, please call us at: 0741.160.821

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