7 July 2016


Date of birth: 01.01.2016

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

You have to get to know SYLVIE in order to understand what a being is, who loves life in all its forms. She was found on the streets, looking and searching for human attention first of all. In this way, her lovely character rescued her from the chaos of the cars and from other dangers.

SYLVIE is the type of dog that gets thrilled in one of the most beautiful ways when she meets one of our volunteers. She starts dancing around and jumping with her little paws on the fence of her pen, begging for a hug. She gets along very well with other dogs, is playful and sociable, and her openness towards the company of people turns her into one of the most beautiful dog characters that we have ever known through the years. SYLVIE awaits her perfect family, which we hope she will meet soon! Contact: 0721.157.104

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