5 July 2016


Date of birth: 07.07.2014

Gender: Female

Size:  Medium

STELLA lived almost all her life in a neighborhood of Sibiu, being partially accepted in a household with more owners. She would wander on the streets all day long and at nights she would find her peace in the courtyard of the people who meanwhile split into two groups as far as her stay there was concerned.

Because she was more of a stray and was not neutered, the day arrived when she gave birth to 5 puppies. This soon became the number one reason for fights between neighbors, which ended in a typical Romanian fashion: the dogcatchers were called to take the whole family. But destiny had other plans for them! A colleague of ours arrived there just as the dogcatchers were about to get them, stopped the intervention and announced that the whole family will be taken by Animal Life. At first, STELLA presented herself as a shy dog, almost fearful, but after we took her in, her character changed in the most beautiful way: now she is an affectionate doggy, who loves to cuddle up to people. She likes the company of other dogs too, plays with them, but always takes a break in order to come for hugs. STELLA has all vaccines, is neutered and ready for a new life together with the right family! Contact: 0721.157.104

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