5 September 2016


Date of birth: 30.06.2016

Gender: Male

Size: Medium – Big

RONY was thrown in a ditch in front of a house owned by one of the friends of our association. Of course that ditch, which should bring him a slow and agonizing death, actually was his luck. RONY was taken in the courtyard and raised with other dogs and cats, and they understood each other perfectly.

It is a joy on four legs and he is the happiest every time when he is given attention and patted, and when left alone, RONY does not know how to get bored; he always finds a reason to play 🙂. Now he is approximately two months old, and at maturity will be of medium-high sized. But until then, we hope we can write “happy end” to the end of his story. Contact: 0721.157.104

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