26 September 2016


Date of birth: 01.01.2015

Gender: Female

Size:  Medium

What should we tell you about Nura? She was found on DN 1, wandering between cars. Lady Luck stood by her side and she arrived in our care. She immediately showed us that she is a dog full of energy and in need of affection. She enjoys human presence a lot, is very well-behaved and can easily be controlled.

As far as other dogs are concerned, her mind is clearly set: with younger dogs she does not have too much to share and if she can dominate them, she will do it. On the other side, she gets along very good with older, calm dogs, who have a bigger build than her. Thus, we can picture her living in harmony also with other dogs if her new owner is experienced. Nura awaits her new family anytime since she is neutered and has all necessary vaccines. Contact: 0721.157.104

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