25 November 2016


Date of birth: 13.06.2016

Gender: Female

Size:  Big


Nuka, a warm and cheerful soul, which can brighten up anyone, is in search of a home. Love of life, happiness and energy… all these you can see in her hopeful, glaring eyes.

Even though she is a little chubby, she is very active and full of energy. Even though she is full of energy, Nuka is also very disciplined. She amazes us with her well-behaved manners and the fact that she enters her enclosure by her own will, despite her love for affection and desire to play and run around. She is a bundle of contrasts and this makes her stay in every heart who gets to meet her.
If you wish for a big sized dog, who loves humans and gets along well with other dogs, we invite you to meet her and we guarantee you will walk away with the brightest smile on your face. Contact: 0721 157104

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