3 October 2016


Birth date: 01/03/2015

Gender: female

Size: medium

EVA was found in a tied bag thrown on a field! We do not know exactly how long she had to endure this atrocity, because when she was found, somehow she managed to break the sides of the bag, but not enough to free herself. After being rescued, EVA proved to be a miracle dog, sociable, open, intelligent, playful, liking the company of other dogs.

And after the way she let to be led on a leash, and after how quickly she accepted the collar, we thought she probably lived her whole life in chains. So, we quickly asked (rhetorically, of course ….) What could a dog kept in chains do so wrong to deserve such a treatment ?! … A question, to which even if we get an answer, we certainly would not understand it! Meanwhile, EVA showed us how much she likes children and their company, enjoying “big way” every time she is around them. So, after seeing how EVA succeeds in starting a new life and leaving behind everything that is ugly and what she not deserves, we know that we want for her a family which opens up to her and provides her with affection, what she really deserves! Contact: 0749.592.728

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