Peterle – Adopted

29 January 2015

Peterle – Adopted

Date of birth: 18.10.2014

Size: medium – big

Gender: masculine;

Little Peter was found end of November 2014 on the side of a road, at night, by our German friend, Tina. He was seen by a vet as soon as they arrived in Sibiu as he was freezing cold, more dead than alive. He had lots of medical issues: underfed, infested with fleas and with a bad Pneumonia, at the age of 6-8 weeks. After he recovered from Pneumonia, his feet started to deform due to acalcinosis and magnesium deficienca, this was also corrected in a few weeks. But then we needed to be strong again for little Peter, as he caught a very aggressive infectious disease. Peter is a fighter and showed us once again that he wants to live, so he survived all those infusions.
He has grown a lot and will be one of those big, cute guys. Because of all the health issues he´s been through, he was not allowed to be outside, so he doesn´t know how to walk on a leash outside. The cat is super interesting, he barks and barks and barks when seeing our old cat. Whenever new dogs come to visit, he´s a little cautious in the beginning but 30 minutes later, all dogs are playing througout the whole house. Children are awesome to Peter, they´re the best playing companions. He´s still trying to learn to do his “stuff” outside but the humans he´s living with work a lot, so he´s ALMOST managing to hit the pampers thing. Tel: 0040.721.157.104

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