Ostara – ADOPTED

21 August 2015

Ostara – ADOPTED

Date of birth: 09.10.13

Gender: female

Size: medium – big

I do not know if I should thank those who made my life miserable, or if I should just forget them! I am a half-breed girl, approx. 3 months (09.01.14) old and at maturity will be a medium-big sized dog. I was thrown into a ditch, where I spent some time, while many walked just past me, heard my crying but kept going. I was lucky to be discovered and taken out from the dark, then was discovered that my tail was chewed on/lacerated, and during the surgery my tail was removed. I am gentle and friendly, and most probably, after I will get over the trauma I’ve experienced, I will learn to play, to walk on a leash, to enjoy life and, most importantly, to bring a smile on your face, to you, who will give me a chance!

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