Big Pintea – ADOPTED

17 October 2015

Big Pintea – ADOPTED

Birth date (approx.): before 2009
Sex: male
Shoulder height: approx. 50-55cm
Particular signs: his right back leg is missing

He was turned out of the place he lived his entire life, next to the national road 1 at the entry into the village Sura Mare from Sibiu and tried to settle down in a newly built residential area. People did not like his sight. Every time he started to look for food in the residential area, mostly at night time, the dogs behind fences of of the fancy residential area’s house owners started barking heavily that made the tenants angry. These people, who already poisoned dogs that looked for shelter and food on the residential area’s two streets, started talking next to a cup of hot spiced wine. We waited for a few weeks to see if he can accommodate. He stood on the sidewalk or on the narrow street and he always welcomed people. We took him out of there before he got poisoned because we knew he would take poisoned food from everyone as he is a very friendly dog.

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