4 May 2014


24.04.2014: Zanzi has been adopted. Thank you Freie Terhilfe for your help. Below you can read her story.
Age: 5 months in october
Gender: female
Size: medium
Of the 8 brothers, Zanzi is the only one that has survived, the others disappearing mysteriously. Born in the court of some abandoned buildings, she still lives there together with her mother, Catalina (which was also abandoned when she was just a puppy) and are being fed by two volunteers. Living in the middle of nowhere, she has been brought up by her mother and learned to survive as just another child of the street. She has a look that could melt down a mountain and is very playful, loves the warmth of the sun and she loves to run around. All these were her features until yesterday, 27.08.2013…the abandoned buildings where mother and daughter found their shelter are in the immediate vicinity of a extensively circulated road, and so the inevitable happened: Zanzi got hit by a car! Both left-side legs have been crushed and she has an intraocular hemorrhage. I found her lying in the sun and screaming because of the whole pain. Her playful runnings and her sweet look turned into two immobile legs and a look in her eyes that is very hard to describe.
Today she went through a surgical procedure for both her legs and it seems that the surgery went well, but only in a few weeks we would be able to know how well the recovery really is.
You could say about any man or animal that at an early age life is smiling at one and that hopes, dreams and naivity are the things that keep you moving forward. In Zanzi’s case, however, life already showed her what it means to live in this world…her innocence was probably shattered, but her dreams were not. She still hopes to find a loving family that can offer her a chance to live a normal life with good souled and understanding people.
Update Zanzi: Zanzi is getting better and better everyday!!! She is a “whiz-kid”, full of joy and desire to live. We can call it a record just to get these pictures, because she’s that alive . One week from now she will get rid of the external fixators. GO ZANZI!!!!

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