Two irresisteble bundles of fur – ADOPTED

18 June 2014

Two irresisteble bundles of fur – ADOPTED

These two kittens, a gery girl and a red boy, came into this worl in the garden of a family nearby Sibiu. As this family had no use for the kittens, they decided to drown them.  Fortunately, we saved them in time. At the moment they are a bit scared, not used to peaple but they are making getting used to the new situation.

The tiny cats are approxiamtely five weeks old and really close to each other. Although they are still very shy, they get more confident if you are patient.They love one another and, as you can see in the pictures, they love to play. It is wonderful just to look at them.  they are not fussy about food and use the litter box. They will become absolutely loving, wonderful cats. 

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