Rex or Aski – ADOPTED

3 April 2014

Rex or Aski – ADOPTED

I am Rex or Aski, as the kids called me. I appeared a couple of weeks ago in the neighborhood and already befriended  all kids. A nice lady brought me food every day and together with her dog we would go for nice walks. I was so happy and proud, felt like I would have a real owner and that I am loved and belong to someone. Unfortunately the lady could not keep me, but she found a foster home for me at another very nice lady. It was too dangerous to stay on the streets and the dog catchers could have taken me any time.

I now temporary live in a yard with two other dogs, but I would really like to have my own home and owner, whom I can love and protect. I know I am not a cute puppy anymore or a breed dog, I am a simple dog, who went through a lot in his life and now would so much want to live in peace and surrounded by love. If you want to offer me this, you should know that you will receive back a lot of love, kisses and you will have a loyal, modest, friendly, and playful dog.

I already started a whole process of  internal/external deworming, neutering and vaccination and I will also get a microchip to have all papers set. Then I will only need to find a dream owner, who will accept me the way I am forever. Please give me a chance! If you cannot adopt me please share my story to help me find my future owner easier. I will quietly and hopefully wait for him. Thank you!

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