8 January 2014


17.01.14: You did not forget about Puf, did you? We know that he has a lot of friends and his story impressed a lot of people…so, here is the rest of his story. At the end of November, after he enjoyed the last warm autumn days at his usual place in the neighborhood, Puf was taken to a canine pension. This was possible because he was adopted from the distance by a nice and generous lady from Germany, who offered to pay for his housing. We would like to thank her for this in the name of Puf. This was however only a temporary solution. As nobody wanted to adopt him and our ads in searching for a yard for him did not have any effect (sorry, they did have an effect: two weeks in a row we became on the mail advertisements for leather handbags – the cynicism of some people does not know any boundaries), the only option left was his transportation to Germany, where somebody was ready to offer him all he needed. And this has happened. Since yesterday, PUF IS AT HIS NEW HOUSE IN NORTHERN GERMANY. We have already become good news from there.
We want to say thank you, Gina Alina Constandache, for your help. You proved to be a real friend of Puf. We also want to thank you, Cristina Nan and Lica. Without you, he would not had the chance to get there in safety. You took him in your car, many hours without a break, caressing him always so that he could relax and not to be afraid. Nicola Lehmaier, you are his lucky charm. Thanks to you, Puf will know the meaning of the word “home”. It does not matter for how many years, months or days. Every day of life is a gift of God and we must cherish it accordingly.

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