Praslea & Negrut – ADOPTED

20 August 2014

Praslea & Negrut – ADOPTED

Date of birth: approx. 01.04.2014

Gender: male

Size: middle to big-sized These siblings were born in an idyllic suurounding, in an open-air museum. Unfortunately, they did not get the chance to enjoy this and instead of being treated with love and kindness, they were abused by different people. One day, the black pup got hit so badly, that he could not walk for longer than one week. In order to save their lives, we were forced to take them out of the museum and away from their mother. Ever since that moment they got beautiful and strong and each day helps them gain more confidence in people.

Their names are PRASLEA (white) and NEGRUT, two great boys. Their story will have a happy end the moment each one of them gets adopted by a loving family.

Their sister Molly already found her family!

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