16 February 2014


WE THANK the family that has decided to take Conny into their home. We are shure that she will bring much joy to them and give them as much love.

Conny has come into this world not knowing that there is no place for her, no place where she can feel safe or enjoy the life that she was given. The place that she called home was a cold, abandoned house at the outskirts of Sibiu. That was the only thing that her mother could offer to her and her sister: four cold walls in a cold world. No one knew about their existence, until one cold night when they hid in a warmer place in a yard nearby. Still, they knew that this place was not ment for them, so they went back to their mom, who protected them through their first weeks of life. We could not find her sister, but managed to find a safe shelter for Conny. Nevertheless we think she deserves more than this: she deserves love and the protection of a family. If you can give her these, please call 0040721.157.104.

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