27 August 2014


I am Blacky, an ill dog. I am approximately 10 years old and I can not use my back legs. Trying to move hurts much, but my greatest wish is to be able to run again! This is my story: one cold day, half a month ago, I was lying on the field, was alone and scared. A big-hearted lady saw me and took me to the vet, who found that I had been bitten by other larger dogs. X-rays showed that I have two compacted vertebrae. After my savior took me up I ate all the food which was given to me, as I was so scared of ending on the streets and starving again. I got treatment for six weeks and although I have made progress it is slow. My problem is that the lady I am living with can not keep me any longer as she is pregnant. Therefore, please help me with a wheel chair, to be able to run again (if you can donate one or sell it for reasonable price). I also hope I can find a new home. I am a loving dog and I enjoy being caressed. I am also quiet and intelligent and get along well with dogs and cats. My savior can contribute with a certain amount each month. If you can help me (as quickly as possible to avoid being euthanized), please call: 0728976098.

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