9 July 2014


In the excitement before Christmas , middle December , I just wanted to cross the street . I didn´t understand that I just got hit by a car , could only realize that I could´t move anymore. I was left behind bleeding in the middle of the street. Someone merciful had finally found me and took me away, even I growled aggressive. I was just panicked and thought that every man would hurt me. But in the meanwhile I have changed my opinion. The people who rescued me, looked after me after my surgery and fed me, gave me a home, I could say the gave me a second life. Now they are my friends and I can´t get tired showing them: I am now a charming , affectionate and loyal dog . 
We all agree now that it is time for me to find a real own family. I am middle-sized, 14 Kg, and ready to meet you.

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