Snorky – ADOPTED

5 October 2013

Snorky – ADOPTED

05/10/2013: Snorky, to a better future and a life. We thank Nicola and Marianne for making this possible. This was his story:

Snorky was brought in at the vet clinic on a frosty winter day by a man who was just as unfortunate as he was. By the time Snorky reached the vet he was more dead than alive. He was in a coma, caused by hypothermic shock, the main cause of death for many stray dogs during the winter. Snorky was just a puppy at that time and wouldn’t have had a chance without the help of that man, who was just as helpless as he was.

We decided to take Snorky into our care and hoped that he would come out of the coma. His condition didn’t improve for almost three days, after which he finally came out of the coma. Sadly, Snorky’s suffering didn’t end there. He remained blind, almost paralyzed… Feeding him was a big challenge for us due to his inability to move his jaw. This condition made his situation even worse, as we couldn’t offer him the necessary nutrients to speed up his recovery. 
We were tormented by the thought of having to euthanize him. But, as every soul deserves a second chance, our efforts finally
paid up and Snorky’s health started to improve. We continued to feed him as often as we could, even while risking being bitten during his involuntary jaw contractions. Things were looking better and better for Snorky. After two very difficult weeks, Snorky started regaining his vision, playing and enjoying life like a normal pupp. Snorky had shown us an incredible will to live, he had fought for the chance of knowing the affection of a human companion.
Snorky is now in great shape but he is still waiting for someone who will appreciate his strong will to live.He is an extremely affectionate, loving dog, playful with other dogs and very obedient. Help Snorky find the home that he deserves.

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