Snoopy – ADOPTED

23 December 2013

Snoopy – ADOPTED

It was a freezing morning. I was sitting in a water fen and was trembling. Next to me there was a big dog who seemed to protect me. Then he left and returned with a human, who took me in his hand and then everything I can remember is waling up in a warm place, where I ate and started feeling stronger. Although I have been disinfested and I need vitamins to get stronger, I am still very playful and happy. I am two moths old, am very well behaved little boy and I now my place. But I need someone, who can keep me forever, because the place I am in now is pretty crowded, even if I am a small-sized dog, and I will not grow bigger than a Teckel. Take me home! I am waiting for you on my warm blanket to come and take me. Tel. 0747386621

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