18 November 2013


Cody thought he had dozens of owners in the building he used to guard. He was a cheerful play companion for the kids and a brave defender of the cars. All was good until the dog catchers came. Then, they all left him, pretending they didn’t know him. After 3-4 years free on the streets he woke up in a cold, crowded shelter. The once happy dog, now sat back in a corner waiting his end, according to the new law. Luck came a few days after, when somebody took him to a canine foster home. He soon became his old self, happy and energetic. Now, along with other dogs, hopes for a permanent home.
He proved his loyalty, his kindness to children and dogs, and that he is not aggressive not even in the worst situations. He can show that to you too! Just give him a chance! Tel: 0040721.157.104

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