Aluna (Hazelnut) – ADOPTED

5 October 2013

Aluna (Hazelnut) – ADOPTED

05/10/2013: Aluna was one of the 23 dogs who left today to Germany. She has waited a long time to have a family. We hope, that she would quickly find someone who gives her love and affection. We thank Nicola and Marianne, who  made ​​this possible. That was Alunas story:
Aluna (Hazelnut) didn’t always had good luck, she grew up without a home and master to take care of her. She grew up on the streets, among other poor dogs like herself, struggling day by day for a little food and water, not knowing what the next day will bring.
Everything was uncertain for her for a long time until she took refuge in an apartament building where – from that day on – an animal-lover took great care of her.
And so Aluna was brought to the vet, vaccinated, disinfested and spayed. But the most important thing for her was the love and attention she was treated. Aut of the sudden Aluna’s life turned in to the better as a family wanted to adopt her and for a year Aluna was the happiest dog.
But unfortunately the adoptive family had to give Aluna up because of motives that had nothing to do with Aluna. Because of this fact we ask you to help us with the adoption of this wonderful dog.
She is young, 3 years old, liveable, playful, friendly with other dogs, it would be a pitty for her to get back to the streets, she is used to her garden, to the daily food and care so her return to the streets would mean that she has to learn the laws of the street-jungle all over again.



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