Riri needs help – ADOPTED

18 July 2012

Riri needs help – ADOPTED

We found her moveless like a statue near a column in a bus station. All the people there sought shelter from the rain under a screen only the little one was standing under the free sky, wet, trembling, hungry and somehow detached from the remarks of those calling her “a cur”, “ugly bastard”…I bend down to her, I talked to her and he raised her big, black, sad eyes to me … She was very sick so we took her to take care of her but her disease is healing very hard and it needs a lot of money. She lost almost her whole fur and it hurts to see her going through the winter trembling and suffering because of the pain. Riri is 3 years old, she is vaccinated and neutered.It is hard to find a home for her and to heal her, so we are focusing all our resources on her getting better and at the same time we are trying to offer her the attention and the warmth she needs. Her black eyes are not that sad anymore and they seem to thank the ones who make the healing of the disease she is struggling with every day. Unfortunately the way to healing is still long and she needs a lot of help.  

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