Helmut – ADOPTED

18 July 2012

Helmut – ADOPTED

Helmut is about 3 years old and was brought to us by a vet who was working for the local CNVR programme. He was cought by the dogs catchers  when still a puppy, he was suffering of severe Demodex. Because there was not enough space to keep so many dogs and because his condition was not that good, we took him over. After his Demodex treatment was finished, Helmut started growing a beautiful coat. He is friendly to all other dogs surrounding him, is playing with everyone, just loves to be scratched and would love to have his own family to love and bring happiness.

We tried once to take him for a walk but he got very scared. His first impulse was to run away and then, when a stranger wanted to approach, he growled. It was the only time Helmut had reacted like that.

He is rather submissive to other dogs, is very fond of food and goodies and is always following the humans, asking for some attention. He is worthy of your love and of a chance of a normal life!



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