5 October 2012


Grace is a German Pointer mix, about 3 years old. She probably got lost or was abandoned but when she was found, she had puppies. She was a great mother, taking good care of her pups and was happy that we were able to find them great homes.

Now she is waiting for her own family and home. As she is a great, loveable dog, she will make your life easy. She is friendly to other dogs, she just loves people and playing with everyone.

Grace makes one feel like a very special person as her eyes, when looking up, tell that you´re wonderful, that the only thing she wishes for is to be scratched or to just be near you. She will follow you everywhere, hoping you´ll have a minute for her and give her some attention. She wil protect her family and home, she will be next to you no matter what, she will not mind if you´ll have a bad hair day or will not be joyful, she will be the best companion you´ve ever had!

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