A few days left until the International Marathon Sibiu!

22 Mai 2017

A few days left until the International Marathon Sibiu!

andreea-roseti-animal-lifeDear friends,

The week of the most important event of the year has started: the International Marathon Sibiu, 2017 edition!
It´s an event that helped many great projects to be fulfilled and that is not only encouraging good deeds in the Sibiu community, but is also managing to get people directly involved in the positive change we all want for our society.

In our opinion, this event is not about project X vs. project Y, the same way one project can´t be more important than the other; that´s because we think that, by supporting a beautiful cause, you will get a society who cares and is dedicated to living together! It´s our responsibility to get involved and bring the positive change in the environment we live in. We do believe that those who are against abuse, are against violence towards animals as well. We do believe that those who want to enjoy a relaxing ride with the mocanita won´t want to see starving, sick or dead animals the whole way.

We believe that each mother will want her child to grow up in a safe and clean environment and not have to see the suffering eyes in each street corner they are passing by. We do believe that those who decide to ride their bikes or take a run don´t want to meet a dog pack that is protecting their territory.

We strongly believe that the stray animals problem – as well as the deforestation problem, the healthcare problem, education or environment problems – is concerning us all. Either because you are a caring parent, the outdoor type or just a person with a minimum dosage of empathy, this year´s cause from Animal Life is what we all wish for: fewer strays. So our project this year will only add beauty to all other projects more beautiful and will offer them our support. That´s why we´d be glad if you would offer a little bit of support to the Animal Life cause by clicking the following link and supporting any of the Animal Life runners:

Thank you,
The Animal Life Team

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