International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Latvia

31 octombrie 2011

International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Latvia

Animal Life has attended the The International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Latvia, November 2011 (
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends from Finland for helping us to attend this conference and we would also like to thank Dogs Trust for organizing the conference and bringing so many people from all around the world together!
The same as every year, organizations from different countries came together in order to discuss and share informations regarding animal welfare issues all around the world. All the presentations were very helpful and the speakers have done a wonderful job in helping us! Dr. Jenny Stavisky and Dr. Rachel Dean were very helpful and have kinldy answered all questions our Animal Life representative had to ask. Thank you for your time and help!
Our friends from Finland had a presentation together with our Romanian friends from Save the Dogs (represented by Jenny Vestlund and Sara Turetta). The presentations were on international adoptions, Friends of Homeless Dogs Finland and Save the Dogs have talked about how the adoptions should be organized, what one should keep in mind when planning this, which details need specific attention. We hope this will help other organizations who are planning to help dogs from countries like Romania! Interested in the presentation? Here it is:
There was another presentation about Romania, where Raluca Simion from GIA (Bucharest) and Dawid Newall from Dogs Trust (UK) discussed the importance of having a common voice in Romania, they presented the Romanian Animal Welfare Coalition (Animal Life being one of the founders).
For more infromation regarding ICAWC 2011, please see the brochure:

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